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Earthquake 26 February 2019 Huércal-Overa

There was an exceptionally strong, although minor earthquake today Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 11:44 GMT (12:44 pm local time) centred around the area near the motorway junction for Albox. (Venta Overa) in Almería.
It registered at 3.6M which is stronger than most of the recent small tremors.

Here is an image of the effects on a map. It was felt as far North as Puerto Lumbreras, as far East as Mojácar, as far West as Purchena and as far South as Almería city!

Earthquake between Albox and Arboleas


At 19:55 and 28 seconds local time on Thursday 29th October 2015, there was a brief but noisy earthquake which happened between Albox and Arboleas.
This image is courtesy of the IGN website:
IGN earthquake
Friends in a Spanish class in Albox reported a very loud bang and the whole building shook, although only for a second or two.
Fortunately, no damage or injuries were reported. It measured 3.1 or 3.2  in magnitude.