Residency certificate validity

“Certificado de registro como residente comunitario”

Questions have arisen over how long the new residency certificate is valid after issue – does it expire?
The EU regulations state that after an EU citizen who has lived in Spain for 5 years, they are entitled to permanent residency without any conditions.
If you are a UK passport holder, remember that the UK plan to leave the EU in 2020

The Directive maintains the requirement that EU citizens need to exercise an economic activity or dispose of sufficient resources in order to take up residence in another Member State.
However, after five years of uninterrupted residence, Union citizens and their family members will acquire a permanent right of residence, which will no longer be subject to any conditions. This permanent right will be a clear expression of a European citizenship, allowing EU citizens who have developed strong links with the Member State of residence to enjoy stronger rights.

Therefore, even if the certificado is a first issue or one issued after five years residence, if Spain adhere to the EU regulations, no further certificate should ever be required.
Note that there is no expiry date on this certificate, which is for permanent residency.
As one official said, they are “para siempre”, or forever.

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