How to complete form EX15 NIE

This form is intended for non-residents. If you stay in Spain more than 90 days at a time you should be completing an EX18.

I have completed an example form EX15, first you have to download the form here

READ these notes FIRST.
Notes (numbers in brackets on the form):
1. Mark the circle M=Woman (Mujer) and H=Man (Hombre)
2. These boxes are for date of birth e.g. 02031959 (2nd March 1959)
3. Mark the box for civil status:
4. Titulo – Possibly father or mother of minor, or a teacher.
5. Don’t fill this in if you are the applicant.
6. Is about consenting to email as a method of notification
7. Depends on what you are asking for. Most people will put a cross in the NIE box, asking for a number, which will be a certificate of non residence.

Then complete the form as this example below:

This page was added on 28th October 2013. The form has changed as you will see from the download but much of the info is valid. EX15 example

Click the image to enlarge it. If you were helped by this page you can thank knowall here.

Page edited 7th January 2021 with new EX15 download link

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