How to change ownership of vehicles in Almería

Vehicle transfer in Almería, Spain
(This article information is 7 years old)

This is how it worked in August 2012 in the city of Almería.
Since 4th March 2014 you need an appointment at tráfico – Almería – CLICK HERE FOR APPOINTMENT

Get all paperwork together:
Copy of passport
Copy of NIE or certicado de registro de cuidadano de la union

Contract of sale/purchase, signed by buyer and seller + copy – for wording of this, click here.
Original passport + copy
Certificate of empadronamiento (padron) + copy
Certificado de registro de cuidadano de la union (Residence cert) + copy

ITV card
Permiso de circulación
(I took the tax and a copy for the current year, but the clerk returned both)

Enter trafíco office in C/Hermanos Machado. (Open 0900-1400)
Go to information desk and get an instructions form and one A4 sheet with 2 identical application forms printed side by side on it:
This is a solicitud de cambio de titularidad de vehículos.
Fill in both forms identically.
Pay the fee at the CASH DESK (€51.60 for cars, €25.60 for ciclomotores).

Now leave this office and go to the Agencia tributaria at C/Arapiles, 10. On entering the office go to the information desk. They will give you a “deli” type ticket. Now watch the screens for your desk number (Puesto) until you are called.
You will need the permiso de circulación, purchaser’s NIE/certificate and then the clerk will calculate the amount of impuesto sobre transmisiones patrimoniales y actos jurídicos documentados, tax. The clerk will print three copies of Modelo 621. One copy goes to the cash desk in the same building (watch the screens again for your ticket number) then pay at the desk, they keep one copy with payment.

Now go back to the tráfico office and continue your appointment.
See above re appointments.  Present all the necessary paperwork. The clerk will keep all that they require, returning all originals (except the permiso de circulación) along with a newly printed permiso de circulación in the new owner’s name.
Job done!

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