Watching TV on the Internet in Spain

TV from the Internet in Spain – how?

Since the replacement of Astra Satellites at 28.2°E there has been a marked reduction in signal strength, particularly for the main UK terrestrial channels: BBC1, BBC2, ITV, CH4 and CH5.
This has meant that a very large dish is now necessary in Southern Spain, but there is an alternative – to use the Internet to watch TV.

Internet TV:
Obviously, Internet TV streams are not intended for viewers in Spain. To use streams from BBC iPlayer, ( and other TV catchup sites, it is necessary to convince the BBC computer server in the UK that your computer is not in Spain. This means hiding your “IP” which is done by using a Virtual Private Network, which assigns you a UK IP.
Recommended smart TV for use in Spain on the Internet

Add a VPN and go direct to iPlayer etc:
Another way is to install either a free VPN (be careful what you download) or better a paid for VPN which is likely to be more reliable and accountable.

Simple (inferior) options:
Other streams are available on the Internet, which do not require a VPN, such as Filmon, but these are often poor quality and unreliable. If you want to try these just Google “Watch UK TV in Spain” and there are several sites and options.
Most computers can be connected to Most TVs using HDMI or VGA or other connections, so that the sound and vision are from a larger screen.

There are other options using other devices, it is even possible to watch UK TV on a smart phone. The main thing is that you need a reliable, stable Internet connection, with a download speed of at least 2 Mbps to watch without the viewing being jerky or stopping, (buffering).

Page edited 4th October 2017

Certain options have been removed by me as there are copyright issues with streaming some content. Be aware that copyright owners are doing all they can to protect their programmes (as they are entitled to do).

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