Telefónica / Movistar – cancellation

How to cancel Telefónica / Movistar landline

Many people in Spain have good service from Movistar, the new brand name for Telefónica, but many others do not. They have a habit of making special offers on calls and Internet, but then forget those offers when sending out the bills.

If you wish to cancel the Telefónica service there is only one way to do so:
See Telefónica website: click here
You can only cancel by the following method:

  • By telephone, calling 1004. In this case keep a note of the reference number of your cancellation which you will be given.
  •  indicating your personal data, (name, NIE etc.) and telephone number.

They say that once your request has been received the disconnection will be done after 2 working days.
I strongly recommend that any direct debit authorisation is cancelled at your bank before asking for the service to be disconnected. Any bill sent can then be paid if correct, or disputed, if incorrect.

Page reviewed 7th Jan 2021, as the Telefónica website insists the only method of cancellation is to call 1004.

3 thoughts on “Telefónica / Movistar – cancellation”

  1. I called telefónica and informed them that I was cancelling the phone line and the direct debit as I was returning to the UK. I was instructed to write to them with all the relevant details, I did so and with recorded delivery, I have tracked the letter and they received it on 7th September but I still got a letter from my Spanish bank stating that they had sent another direct debit on the 14th. I left Spain in early August and closed all bank accounts before I left. I have sent numerous emails to them but they just reply that they have received my communication. I worry that they will keep ignoring me and then one day I will receive a letter from a debt agency. Is so annoying.

  2. I cancelled my mobile phone in October 2020 for the second time as the first time was ignored. I sent a letter confirming it. I also got a reference number. I have subsequently been told that this reference number does not exist ? I then wrote and emailed them with no response. I left Mallorca in 2019 and cancelled the first time. They kept billing me and I kept paying. After October 2020 every time the bill goes to my bank account I send the bill back and it gets credited.
    It is an administrative mess. I have not lived in Spain for nearly three years.

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