Child Car Seat use in Spain

Rules for carrying children and babies in cars in Spain

Since 1st October 2015 all children under the height of 1.35 metres (4’5”) must travel in the rear seats of vehicles.
This is in addition to using a child seat or restraint appropriate to their size and weight.
1. When the vehicle has no rear seats.
2. When all rear seats are occupied by other children.
3. When it is impossible to install child restraint systems in the rear seats.

Seat types appropriate are designated below:
Group 0 – Babies up to 12 months and up to 10 kilos in weight must have a rear facing car seat with a harness.
Group 0+ – This category extends the weight to 13kg and age to 18 months. This type is a rear facing seat .
Group I – Children weighing between 9 to 18 kg and approximately 12 months to 4 years. These chairs are hooked in the seat belt of the vehicle and face forwards.
Group II – From about 3 to 6 years or from 15 to 25kgs must use a forward facing car seat with harness.
Group III – From age 5 to 12 years approximately or between 22 and 36kg must use a booster seat, which may include side and head protection. The belt should fit firmly over the child’s collarbone.
When children are 1.35 meters tall they can be treated as an adult and wear an adult belt.

If a child is carried in a rear facing seat in the front of a car, the air bag must be deactivated, if fitted.
If the child travels in a forward facing seat or restraint system (Groups II and III only) then it is not necessary to deactivate the airbag. (Rear seats must be occupied by children).

All child restraints must be mounted according to the manufacturers’ instructions

Page dated 8th August 2017

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