How to contact Endesa – Electricity bills in Spain

Many people report difficulties in communications with Endesa, relating to their electricity bills in Spain. I recommend that people register for their online office, and once accepted, customers can then view bills and contact staff via their website.

The email address for Endesa clients is:
Endesa Online Office is available CLICK HERE
To register, customers need to have sight of their latest bill, as information from that has to be entered on the website to register.
If Endesa online does not accept your NIE, try putting in a “0”  – so if your NIE is X1234567B put in X01234567B.

If you wish to contact them by telephone the telephone number is:  800 760 333

For non-Spanish speakers it is probably better to visit one of the regional offices, such as at Olula del Rio, or in Vera.

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