How to contact Endesa – Electricity bills in Spain

Many people report difficulties in communications with Endesa, relating to their electricity bills in Spain. I recommend that people register for their online office, and once accepted, customers can then view bills and contact staff via their website.

The email address for Endesa clients is:
Endesa Online Office is available CLICK HERE
To register, customers need to have sight of their latest bill, as information from that has to be entered on the website to register.
If Endesa online does not accept your NIE, try putting in a “0”  – so if your NIE is X1234567B put in X01234567B.

If you wish to contact them by telephone the telephone number is:  800 760 333

For non-Spanish speakers it is probably better to visit one of the regional offices, such as at Olula del Rio, or in Vera.

6 thoughts on “How to contact Endesa – Electricity bills in Spain”

  1. Hi..we had a power surge at our house and for 2 years tried to claim for damage with little response. Would anyone know what the CEO’s e.mail address is? If anyone can help.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. H
    We have a standard three bedroom chalet which is empty for most of the year – The only electricity use is for the pool pump – we regularly get electricity bills in excess of 150 euros per month – Do you think this is an unusual amount? because its seems a lot to me- although people keep saying that electricity is expensive in Spain.

    1. Your pool pump will be about 1kW which if run constantly would use 720 units (kWH) per month. In the winter, you should run it for perhaps 3-4 hours a day which would obviously use around 100 kWH per month. Check your bill and see how many kWH are being used. The other big current drain is electrical heating, such as radiators or fan heaters.
      Do you have an outside socket? If so people could be stealing electricity when you are away.
      Standing charges and taxes for electricity are high in Spain, too. It still seems quite expensive.

    1. Dear Valerie:
      Punto de servicio Endesa Estepona:
      Dirección: Calle Huerta Nueva, S/N. CP: 29680
      Horario: L a J: 09:00 – 13:30 y 15:30 -17:00. V: 09:00 – 14:00.

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