Gota Fria Storm Arboleas 28 September 2012

I recorded 319mm of rain between 00:01 and 14:00 on Friday 28th September, this was a true “gota fria” or D.A.N.A. (Depresión Aislada en Niveles Altos).

Here is my video of the Almanzora River (Río Almanzora) at Arboleas taken on 28th September

And this is the Arroyo Aceituno in flood after the rain:

And some stills of the damage:

This is the AL7106 near to La Concepción.

Damage to a retaining wall in Los Carrascos. Fortunately no one was injured here.

The road washed away near El Palaces.
Rambla Guzmaina at Huércal-Overa.

This storm was the most devastating deluge of rainfall I have ever seen in my life. I shall never forget it!

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Edited and updated 28th September 2018

Fire at Bédar 25-26 August 2012

Apologies for the quality – only had Nokia mobile phone available.
Must remember cameras on trips out! The fire was first seen as I drove south on the autovia and the first picture was taken near to Los Gallardos.
After shopping in Turre the fire had increased dramatically and I was at the fire station when the appliance left.

New Wind Farm – Santa Maria de Nieva – Velez-Rubio


Abo Wind España S.A. of Valencia are installing these wind generators in Huercal-Overa and Velez-Rubio near to Santa Maria de Nieva, Almería. There will be a total of 25 turbines each providing a maximum of 2 Megawatts, so an absolute maximum of 48.5 Megawatts. (Enough for about 10,000 homes).
This will be when there is wind blowing, of course. When there is no wind, they will only produce a blot on the landscape, but that’s progress!

Earthquake in Arboleas – 7th June 2012

3.3 3.5 Magnitude earthquake in Arboleas

Today, at about 12:27 Thursday 7th June – local time, (10:27 GMT) I felt the house shake and for a few seconds there was a loud rumbling. It was one of the stronger tremors that we have experienced in our time living in Almería.
Although there was some initial alarm, there are no reports of damage or injury.

According to the IGN website the epicentre was 10km beneath the river bed of the Almanzora, close to the main road bridge to Arboleas. Although originally reported at 3.3 the IGN have now said it was 3.5 magnitude. (Updated 11th June)

Almería airport security

I arrived back in Spain at Almería airport about 9pm yesterday.
My car was parked in the car park. I was just about to set off when a tall man knocked on my driver’s door window. I partly opened the door as the window was shut.
He asked me in Spanish (reasonably politely) if I could speak the language and whether I could take him to Almeria city. At this point I realised that another person was standing close to the rear door and I felt rather vulnerable in the dark car park.

I quickly slammed my door shut reversed out of the space and drove off as quickly as I could. The man gave me a “middle finger salute”.

I don’t make any apology for driving off, the man may have been genuine, someone said that he had been on the same flight as us from Stansted, but with all the distraction scams and thefts going on at airports these days I just had to minimise the risk. It’s probably a shame that because of the actions of a few, we cannot trust any strangers, even if they might be in genuine need.

Anyway, who takes a flight to Almería and then tries to cadge a lift like that?
Most normal people will already have their car in the car park, someone arranged to pick them up, or use the taxi outside the airport.

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