Common snakes in Almeria

These are the most common snakes seen around Almería:

English: Ladder snake. Latin: Elaphe scalaris, Spanish: Culebra de escalera

Montpellier Snake, Malpolon Monspessulanus, Culebra Bastarda.

Horseshoe snake, Coluber hippocrepis, Culebra de herradura

Southern smooth snake Coronella Girondica Culebra bordelesa, culebra coronela lisa meridional

Less common here are:
False smooth snake Macroprotodon Cucullatus Culebra de Cugulla

Grass snake Natrix natrix Culebra de agua or de collar

Q. Are there adders (Vipera Berus) snakes in Spain?
A. My research says not, but the snake below is often mistaken for an adder, (adding to the myth that there are).
Viperine Snake Natrix Maura Culebra Viperina

Page updated 21 August 2018

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  1. We have quite a few really bright green coloured snakes down here in Roquetas de mar but i am unsure what they are?

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