Albox flood – and more


Situation & morphology: At 37° 23′ latitude North and 2° 08′ longitude West, in the province of Almería, and the administrative area of Huercal-Overa and on the North side of the Almanzora river is the borough of Albox. Its area is 167.23 square kilometres and the town has an altitude of 423 metres (1388 ft) above sea level.

Climate:     Like all of the south-east peninsula, the dominant characteristic is aridity. The high temperatures, the scarcity and irregularity of precipitation and the frequency of torrential rain has resulted in a countryside characterised by erosion with poor vegetation and poor agricultural return. Precipitation is between 250mm and 350mm per annum. The maximum rainfall is found in Autumn, Spring and winter respectively. The minimum is in summer, The number of days of rain in an average year between 1953 and 1974 was 40½, with the maximum in March, October, November, December and April, The months with the lowest rainfall were July, August and September.
Occasionally, there can be huge torrents, which have, over the millennia, formed the huge ramblas. The maximum rainfall recorded was in March 1973 with a recorded 140mm which represents 47% of the annual average. In the October of the same year there was a great flood resulting in a huge loss of production. Rainfall was registered as 134mm (5.3 inches) on the 18th and 113mm on the 19th. The maximum flow rate of the Rambla de Albox was 1600 m3 per second (1267 million gallons per hour).

The average annual temperature is 18.6°C, the maximum average being August at 27.2°C (81°F), and the minimum average, January at 11.4°C (53°F). The maximum temperature was recorded on 7th August 1955 at 42°C (108°F). The lowest temperature was recorded as -4.5°C (24°F) in December 1970.

With acknowledgement to Max Kite

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  1. The flood is so frightening. According to a local spanish chap talking to a friend, the floods occur every so many years and one is imminent.
    The chap was saying they should not have built on the rambler that runs along the Zurgena road.

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