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Future of this website

As it is the 1st of January 2020, I thought I would have a think about what I can do to improve the “kn0wall” website.
The fact is, I moved back to the UK 5 years ago now, and although we have been to Spain on holiday on a couple of occasions since, I am beginning to lose touch with laws and developments.
Because of the UK leaving the European Union this month, many of my articles about residency will become obsolete. I will be deleting obsolete or potentially inaccurate content during the next few weeks.
In the future, my intention will eventually be to close down this website. The forum may continue until the hosting runs out (August 2021), but I do not intend to spend any more money on maintaining this site.
If you have been a user who has been helped by this blog then that was my intention. I believe that having no information at all is better than having false information. Thanks for your understanding.
All the very best, knowall, (John Palfrey).

Earthquake 26 February 2019 Huércal-Overa

There was an exceptionally strong, although minor earthquake today Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 11:44 GMT (12:44 pm local time) centred around the area near the motorway junction for Albox. (Venta Overa) in Almería.
It registered at 3.6M which is stronger than most of the recent small tremors.

Here is an image of the effects on a map. It was felt as far North as Puerto Lumbreras, as far East as Mojácar, as far West as Purchena and as far South as Almería city!

Population changes in Almería

This article shows how population has changed in the last year for every municipality in Almería province:

Some examples are:
Albox up from 11,144 to 11,481 (+337)
Arboleas down from 4,538 to 4,463 (-75)
Cantoria down from 3,371 to 3,251 (-120)
Partaloa up from 915 to 975 (+60)
Oria up from 2,230 to 2,265 (+35)
Almería up from 194,515 to 195,389 (+874)
Zurgena down from 2,939 to 2,877 (-62)

Gota fria storms and floods, Almeria – December 2016

The recent storms on the weekend of 17th – 18th December 2016, were a late gota fria which are usually a phenomena in Spain  in September or October.
Here are some videos from around the region, (Almería, Murcia, Alicante) showing some of the effects.

Tragically, an old man washed away and drowned in Alicante.

Rio Almanzora at Arboleas, normally a dry river bed!

“The Albox News” (1998)

“The Albox News”

We are currently having a sort out at our house and came across a pile of copies of the “Albox News”. It was a publication started in the Autumn of 1998 and I thought I would share the first edition with you, or at least page 1…

It was published by ex-pats in the “International Office” in Albox which was in a building at the top of Av. Pio XII (opposite “Bar Gloria”). That building was later demolished, a sports shop and block of flats stands in that place.

So, here is the front page of edition #1 of the
Albox News – from October 1998.
You can click on the image and it should be large enough to read.

Albox News Oct1998

 By 2000 the publication morphed into the
“Almanzora Valley Neighbours Association Newsletter”

Arboleas junction opened

New pictures of Arboleas junction, which is now open, with some minor work needed to complete the industrial estate
(South side) exit.
This shows the huge amount of earth which now has to be excavated to open up the Arboleas to Albox section

Cars leaving the autovia towards AlboxEnd_Albox_Roundabout
The end of the Albox to Arboleas road now has this roundaboutExit_to_Poligono_South
This is the exit to the industrial estate
(South side) which needs completionLarge_Roundabout_view
Lorries waiting to be loaded with earth

General view of large roundabout bridge
The industrial estate roundabout
The old road between the La Perla turn-off
and industrial estate has been destroyed
View towards BonacheraPoligono_traffic
Cars using the new roundabout
Waiting for the big dig
View from near Mora Oil
The new motorway to be surfaced
Westbound exit from unfinished autovia
Pictures copyright by John Palfrey

Arboleas Autovia Junction progress – photos

It is very good to see that the steel barriers and tarmac have made progress over recent weeks, and that it now looks as if the new roundabouts and slip road will be brought into use.

This will dispense with the need for hundreds of cones and barriers which have been in place for more than 4 years, since work stopped.


This will also mean that approaching Arboleas on the autovia (A334) will be much better, although the dual carriageway will effectively end at that point.

To complete the section from near Albox ITV station to Arboleas  involves cutting out a large amount of earth,  as stated in my previous post, which will now be possible as the temporary road from Venta Mateo to the industrial estate can be removed.

Working on the steel barriers must be an unpleasant job in this heat, however, it is good to see that this project is being completed, as it employs people who might otherwise have no work.
Spain’s unemployment has been over 5 million, but is reducing as the crisis appears to slowly abate.Arboleas_Junction_2_10Aug2014
A general view of the two bridges carrying the large roundabout over the dual carriageway at Arboleas junction.

Almanzora E15 Autovia Motorway bridge

Current state of the E15 motorway bridge at Venta-Overa, at junction 547

Have you wondered why the Southbound overtaking lane on the E15 autovia is coned off as it crosses the Almanzora river bridge?


These 3 pictures show the undermining of the huge concrete stanchions which support the road at that point. This damage occurred in the terrible flash floods on 28th September 2012 which washed away many bridges, including collapsing a motorway bridge at Lorca. It seems the bridge near Km 547 almost suffered the same fate.

Click on the images to view full size



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