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Recommended book for learning Spanish grammar

I used this book as did my wife to help us to learn Spanish Grammar:
USO De LA Gramatica Espanola: Nivel Elemental – New Edition 2010 (Revised and in Colour) (Spanish) Paperback
by Francisca Castro Viudez

It made a great difference to us and brought our Spanish up from barely passable to a couple of levels above passable in less than 12 months.

Like all Spanish courses, it requires effort on behalf of the person learning, and there is no “magic” way to learn any language.

I recommend it to you, order from Amazon here:

Good Nature books for Spain

Here is a list of nature reference books useful for people living in or visiting Spain.
If you have been looking for books about birds, snakes, spiders, butterflies, for use in Almería or Spain and Mediterranean Europe, here they are:
Amazon links are included for your convenience.

RSPB Birds of Britain & Europe

Snakes, Reptiles and Lizards:
Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Britain and Europe

Wild Flowers:
Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean: A Complete Guide to the Islands and Coastal Regions

Collins Field Guide – Butterflies of Britain and Europe

Insects of Britain and Western Europe: 3rd Edition (Field Guide)

Gardening in Spain:
Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates

I hope that you found this list useful. If you know of other books which would be even better, please do let me know.