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Population changes in Almería

This article shows how population has changed in the last year for every municipality in Almería province:

Some examples are:
Albox up from 11,144 to 11,481 (+337)
Arboleas down from 4,538 to 4,463 (-75)
Cantoria down from 3,371 to 3,251 (-120)
Partaloa up from 915 to 975 (+60)
Oria up from 2,230 to 2,265 (+35)
Almería up from 194,515 to 195,389 (+874)
Zurgena down from 2,939 to 2,877 (-62)

Fly tipping and dumping in Arboleas and Almería

Fly tipping is a problem wherever there are people who have waste, and that is pretty much everywhere. So it does need to be discouraged by laws and by practical steps:

Fly tipping near El Toyo

On a recent visit to Almería I was disgusted at the state of the “Rambla Rambliza” near El Toyo. The rambla was filled with waste, from building materials, dug up pavements, ASBESTOS roofing (a clear health danger), toys, hundreds of pairs of shoes and everything in between.

In Arboleas, where we have lived, there is now a new “Punto Limpio” which is a proper recycling centre. It does make a small charge for the disposal of some types of waste.
The problems seem to come, when people are charged, however small the cost, they will take any opportunity to fly-tip, or dispose of inappropriate waste in the dumpsters meant for domestic waste at the sides of the road.

Perhaps there would be much less of this kind of behaviour if the recycling centre stopped up front charges and added a few Euros to the local IBI bill. That way, people would still think the service is “free” – even if they are actually paying through their local town hall taxes.

It would also remove the administrative burden of collecting cash at the Punto Limpio.

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Online doctor’s appointment in Andalucia

How to make an on-line doctor’s appointment:

The website for booking doctor’s appointments has been revised which means that to make an appointment, you need to follow this new link:

You can identify yourself with your personal data: (click on  datos personales) Fill in your health card number and date of birth to access the system.

You can also log in using a digital certificate (click on Identificacíon con certificado digital). Most ex-pats don’t have them.

I hope that you found this information helpful.

Updated 16th September 2018

Cost of living – villa in Spain – annual costs

Please be aware these costs are getting out of date.

These were the annual utility costs for running a three bedroom detached villa with a pool in Arboleas in 2014:

Water €156
Rubbish €137
Electricity €750
Arboleas WIFI €144 (€12 a month is a bargain!)
Gas bottles €420 (usually 1 a week in Winter)
IBI €240 (it is going up in 2015)

Food is quite cheap, for a couple it is quite easy to live on €100 per week for shopping, including decent wines with meals.
Eating out is also very cheap, with many restaurants offering a “menu del dia” for €9 or €10 which is a three course meal, often including a drink and coffee.
Motoring is about the same price as the UK, although servicing is a little cheaper, as the hourly rates for mechanics are less, but the price of original parts can be higher.
Fuel has been cheaper than the UK generally, over the years, but the recent weakness of the Euro (March 2015) may mean that imported goods will rise in price.
In Spain individual houses do not have their own rubbish bins, everyone places their refuse in the street bins, which are usually emptied daily.

Los Carrascos – a great place to live

Los Carrascos, Arboleas is a great location to live.

Ten good reasons to choose Los Carrascos?

I might be a bit biased as I have lived in this village from 1998, having bought an old cortijo in 1995 and then developing it.

When considering property in the Almería area, some advice is always helpful. I can tell you why Los Carrascos is probably one of the best places to live in Spain, and I can give you 10 good reasons why.
1. Los Carrascos, is not coastal, so not as expensive as beachfront areas, but it is within about 35 minutes drive of the closest Meditteranean beaches, so if you love sea views, they are never very far away.

2. Los Carrascos has 3000 hours of sunshine every year, that is an average of more than 8 hours every day!

3. Los Carrascos is not in the town, but is only 3 minutes by car, or 20 minutes walk down the rambla to Arboleas, which has a doctor’s surgery, (new medical centre is under construction), supermarkets, fitness centre/gym, bars, restaurants, dentist, town hall which has an openness and honesty policy.

4. Los Carrascos has a very good water supply, as the water for the village comes from underground wells in the Arroyo Aceituno.

5. Los Carrascos has developed from a small hamlet of 9 houses into a mostly ex-pat village of more than 220 houses. These ex-pats are from mostly Northern European countries, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, and of course there are Spanish people living here. It’s a very friendly cosmopolitan place to live.

6. Los Carrascos comes under the jurisdiction of Arboleas town hall, which led by the current Mayor, Cristóbal García has been doing all it can to regularise the housing situation, which became out of control in the whole area, in the property boom in the “noughties”. The town hall have 4 British councillors, which reflects the high proportion of British people on the Town Hall Register of residents, (padrón).

7. Los Carrascos has its own fitness park, where there are exercise apparatuses, overlooking a view to the mountains to the south and the foothills of the Sierra Los Filabres.

8. Los Carrascos has access to Wi-Fi Internet from Arboleas Town Hall, which is economical, reliable and fast.

9. The surrounding hills, ramblas, and tracks are great for walking, mountain biking and off road quad biking.

10. Los Carrascos has wonderful wildlife. In the skies overhead, a variety of birds, raptors including golden eagles, in the summer beautiful bee-eaters, powder blue Indian rollers, hoopoes, Sardinian warblers, black redstarts. Mammals, from Ibex, wild boar, rabbits, foxes, further away from the village into the hills.

11. Los Carrascos has local delivery vehicles for gas, a baker’s van, frozen food on various days of the week.
Oh, this is number 11!
– Los Carrascos is so good I couldn’t keep to 10!

Gota Fria Storm Arboleas 28 September 2012

I recorded 319mm of rain between 00:01 and 14:00 on Friday 28th September, this was a true “gota fria” or D.A.N.A. (Depresión Aislada en Niveles Altos).

Here is my video of the Almanzora River (Río Almanzora) at Arboleas taken on 28th September

And this is the Arroyo Aceituno in flood after the rain:

And some stills of the damage:

This is the AL7106 near to La Concepción.

Damage to a retaining wall in Los Carrascos. Fortunately no one was injured here.

The road washed away near El Palaces.
Rambla Guzmaina at Huércal-Overa.

This storm was the most devastating deluge of rainfall I have ever seen in my life. I shall never forget it!

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Edited and updated 28th September 2018