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                 Pedro Gilabert Gallegos (1915- 6th Feb 2008)

About the Artist
Pedro was born and died in the Arroyo Aceituno village of Los Huevanillas, in Arboleas. He spent his childhood in typical Andalucian rural society. His adult life was influenced greatly by the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) when he was imprisoned, and later in his life by needing to migrate in search of work. This took him to Madrid, Gerona and in 1953 to Argentina and eventually, in 1960, France.
He returned to Arboleas in 1962 and later, at the age of 63 (~1978) he discovered his creative side and talent, mostly through carving of olive wood, this material being easily available at little or no cost. Pedro’s work is held in private collections across Spain, France, Germany and Argentina, some of it is in a museum in Jaén – Naïf Art Manuel Moral. 142 articles are in the Museo Pedro Gilabert, Arboleas. He was known locally as “Tío Perico” or uncle Pedro. He died at the age of 92, having received many awards for his artwork.

About Pedro’s work
Olive wood was the favourite medium for much of Pedro’s work, however he also worked with marble and metal. His work is defined as part of the naïf style. These artists without a formal artistic education capture a pure vision of their surroundings including their life and spiritual experiences. Most naïf artists use the medium of paint, whereas the artistic sculptures of Pedro Gilabert stand out with their originality. The sculptures tell a story in various themes: animal, fantasy, and religious amongst others.

About the Arboleas “Pedro Gilabert” Museum
The Pedro Gilabert Museum in Arboleas town was opened in 2004, financed by the Town Hall, and the Almería and Andalucía government. It provides a building which centralises and keeps safe the collection of artefacts, whilst promoting Pedro’s interesting and talented work. The Museum is a part of the Andalucía network of museums, also the Spanish ministry of culture collections of Spain.
It holds 142 articles representative of various stages of Pedro’s creativity.
The museum also has a theatre for various uses, meetings, plays, conferences and music.
There are more pictures below:

Opening times

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