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Internet service providers in the Arboleas / Albox area.

This information might not be up to date

1. Albox-Online website: Telephone 950 09 11 11 (Recommended)
2. Movistar/Telefónica – (If you have landlines available)
3. Aplinfo website Telephone 950 616 006
4. Iberbanda – website
5.Telitec – website
6. Wimax – website
7. Arboleas Town Hall provides Internet for residents at cheap rates, as does Zurgena.
8. “Dongles” – mobile operators such as Vodafone or Orange provide Internet but it is not cheap

I recommend Arboleas Town Hall Internet* if you can get it, which is currently only €12/month for a 4Mbps connection.
*This has been rebranded in Autumn 2017 as “Sistel Almanzora SL” Juan Bonillo’s contact details:
Juan Bonillo Molina
Telephone 651996187

If not, Albox Online was very good but more expensive.

Page reviewed: 6th Jan 2020

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