More places to visit

Museum of the art work of Pedro Gilabert, a resident of Arboleas. Detailed Information

Cuevas del Almanzora
Museum (Museo Antonio Manuel Campoy) and art gallery, at the top of the hill within the castle walls.

Olula del Rio
Art gallery (Closed Mondays) Open until 14:00 then after 17:00. INFO

Almería City
There are catacombs underground used during the civil war.
Entry is via one of the kiosks in the main ‘Rambla’ road.

Las Menas old mining village
Accessed from the A1178 road rising up from Serón. Can be snowy in winter.

Velez Rubio and Velez Blanco
Sierra Maria – Los Velez – Natural Park – Cave/wall paintings
Cave paintings are found in Cueva de los Letreros near Vélez Rubio and La Cueva del Gabar near Vélez Blanco.
(These are where the Indalo man originates – dated about 4000 BC)

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