Testimonies and thanks

Here are just a few comments from people helped by this website:

Jasper from East Sussex on 27th September 2019
Thank you for providing some very handy information on how to complete an ex 18 form.

Richard on 3rd April 2018

“Hi, just looked at your info re Satellite in Spain, just the information I needed, thanks very much.”

Sandra on 4th September 2016
“thank you for the help completing the EX-18 form.

Martin on 11th March 2016 referring to the post on registering an EU car in the UK
“Thank you.  Very helpful guide which I shall use in August!”

Göran on 12th November 2015 referring to the termites page
“Thanks, Knowall. A good start for me on my anti termite journey. There is good hope.”

If you would like to thank me, send me an email from the contact page or click on any Amazon link like the one below and order anything that you might need. I get a few pence which helps host this site. Thank you!

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