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  1. Hello,
    Your website is just what is needed in Almeria has things get very complecated at time in my case my wife and I are returning to the U/K nd giving up our Spanish Residency and will need to exchange my Spanish Driving Licence for a U/K Driving Licence,I see on the U/K Gov website exchange you foriegn licence for a U/K licence you have to have been a resident for around 185 days but as we are leaving spain at the end of August this year I will have only been in the U/K about 4 months would you know if I can still exchange my licence before 31st December 2020 with not doing the 185 days residency time in the U/K,I also see that the DGT are allowing 9 months after 31st December for anyone with a u/k licence to change to a Spanish Licence just thought you might throw some light on this subject we live in Mojacar.

    1. If you previously held a UK licence and exchanged it for Spanish, it is very easy to change back to a UK licence. It is helpful if you know your UK licence number which was given up to the Spanish authorities when you exchanged. It is also free to get your UK licence when you exchange back to UK.

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