Receiving UK television from Intelsat 907 at 27.5W

How to receive UK TV on a normal size dish in Spain:

Please note that Intelsat 907 was replaced by Intelsat 901 in April 2020 and should work for at least 5 years.

Since the big satellite TV switch-over in 2013 most UK ex-pats lost the ability to receive the main UK channels on their 1.2 metre parabolic dishes.
In this region of Spain a huge 1.9m prime focus dish is now required for Astra at 28.2E and in some areas of Spain a 3 metre dish is not sufficient!
People have found that there is a way to pick up UK TV by using their existing dishes. In fact, their existing 1.2 or 1.3 metre dishes are easily big enough to receive all their favourite channels in HD.
In most of Spain an 80cm dish is sufficient to receive the signals from Intelsat 901 at 27.5ºW.

If you want to do this you will need to do the following things:
1. Get a new receiver to replace your Sky or Freesat box. It has to be a receiver that can handle the high Symbol Rate from Eutelsat AND be able to use “BISS” codes which decrypt the signals.
This Technomate TM 5402 satellite box from Amazon is one which will  do the job:

You will need to obtain the BISS codes from the Internet and programme them into the receiver. The codes are changed occasionally. (Last time was around 2016).
The receiver does not come with the codes already installed.

2. You need to move your dish to point to the satellite. The Azimuth is 218º and the elevation about 39º from the Albox area. Your LNB “skew” should be about 29.1º clockwise. (This is opposite to what you have had previously with Astra/Sky at 28.2E) You can go to dishpointer website to calculate your AZ/EL position, from wherever you are.
The channels available from this method are “Freeview” feeds to the UK used for earth stations if the terrestrial signals are disrupted for any reason. No one outside the UK has any authority or rights to watch the channels.

I have seen this LNB recommended for use with Intelsat 901:
Inverto 40 mm Single HGLN Ultra LNB – Black

BBC Three
CBeebies UK
BBC Four
NEW! Channel 5 HD (VPID 6401)
BBC News
BBC Parliament
BBC Red Button 1
BBC One Wales
BBC One Scotland
BBC One Northern Ireland
ITV London
Channel 4 UK
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 5
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
BBC 6 Music
BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC 1Xtra
BBC Asian Network
BBC World Service UK

Of course, you don’t have to do this job yourself, as there are many satellite installers in Spain who will be happy to do it for you, at a price. Moving your dish is very cheap, and the receiver perhaps €100, so it is an economical alternative to paying about €700 for a 1.9 metre dish. It also avoids the awful environmental impact of those 1.9 metre monsters!

If this helped you – thank knowall here!

Reviewed 7th Jan 2021

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        1. Intelsat 901 took over from 907 in exactly the same place and frequencies this week. It is expected to last 5 years from April 2020, so no need to worry just yet.

  1. Hi,

    Can you tell me if an Openbox/skybox will do the job as a reciever, as I have two?


    1. Hi Andy, according to my research Openbox S2HD does not work. Openbox S6 HD PVR does not work. Actual Sky boxes will not work as it is not possible to input BISS codes. The Icecrypt receiver I have linked to from Amazon definitely does work and is quite cheap.

  2. Hi Knowall,
    Can you let me know if a 1.5 mtr. dish pointing to 27,5W is capable of working with a TM-5402 HD M3 CI to get BBC and ITV programmes in Germany Longditude 12,56 and Latitude 51.12? I only got TV stations such as Italy 1 and 2, NTA, TSA 21TV etc.. Probably because I couldn’t/didn’t enter the BISS keys. Where is this done on the menu and are they the 4 digital PID nummers or the 20 digital codes? I can’t find where to access them at the menu!
    Can you help me as I have become quite frustrated. Even the No 8280 doesn’t seem to work on the remote.
    p.s. your doing a great job!

    1. Hi Michael, according to the footprint of the relevant Intelsat transponder you should get a decent signal on a 75cm dish, so 1.5m is going to be a very strong signal in Germany!
      I have never used this receiver, but I understand you have to enter 8280 on the remote and the PID entry box comes up. (4 digits). You have obviously tried this already, so I’m sorry I can’t help further.
      Good luck with it and thanks for the encouraging comments.

  3. You say “in most of Spain an 80cm dish is sufficient………”
    From my experience, most satellite info pertains to the expat communities along the “Costas”.
    We live in the Basque country, which seems to have few competent satellite installers capable of giving us info for receiving British TV channels.
    Does you 80cm dish include the “north” of Spain?
    Many thanks

  4. Hi just moved in near iznajar Córdoba province previous owner said dish fixed to Intelsat 907 looks about 1.2 meter dish have ordered above receiver 5402 HD from amazon. If I wanted dual LNB for bedroom in future is there a good make you can recommend and do they all cover the full frequency band ?

    Cheers Ian.

    1. Hi Ian,
      You will need any “Universal” twin LNB for your purposes. Whilst in Spain I found that the “TELEVES” range of LNB products was very sensitive and reliable. I’m surprised to see they are available on the Amazon UK website: You should have masses of signal from Intelsat with a 1.2m dish.

  5. Hello again knowall,
    Our bits and pieces arrive in a week or so including Samsung 32″ smart TV bought about a year ago will it be ok in Spain frequencies ect ? Also amazon fire stick kodi box ?

    Cheers Ian 😎

    1. Ian, Your Samsung smart TV will be OK in Spain on Spanish TDT (Terrestrial TV with an ordinary antenna) as the DVB standard is the same. Just do a new re-tune and it should pick up all the Spanish channels. Many of these have dual language outputs, so remember to set English as your default audio language if that is your preference. Amazon fire stick and Kodi box are more complicated and I will send you an email. Regards, knowall.

      1. Hi currently in the Algarve & very envious you have UK TV!
        We have a Mobilsat automatic sat dish rectangular in shape. Picks up Astra 1,2,3 but obviously no good for the area due to footprint.
        How easy is it to add The Intel satellite?
        I know we would need a new digi box but guess we can get that anywhere.
        Our problem is we reside in France; difficult to relay what we want to do with the dish; local sat installers not interested.
        Would be grateful for your feedback. Thanks

        1. Hi, i live in algarve and am using intelsat907. I am using a 1 meter parabolic dish and an icecrypt s1600chd, which has a good loud audio sat finder built in. h If you have good internet you can get iptv and have all the sky channels and bbc etc plus video on demand and series, .i can help get you set up. Direction of dish is point at the sun at 2pm😊 Email me xxxdavexxx at

  6. Hello again Knowall,
    Just set up my new Technomate 5402HD receiver to 1.2 mtr dish with LNB that previous owner left for us, after struggling for 2 hours with on screen menu managed to set up on Intelsat 907 good signal strength on screen scanned in around 16 channels BBC Hd ITV HD ect ect,and a few radio stations but all scrambled $ can you help me ? There is card slot at front or is it them biss code things ?

    Cheers Ian.

  7. Hello again Knowall.
    Sorry to trouble you again got my technomate receiver sorted with codes for intelsat 907 good signal 📶 and pictures including HD all channels are vertical polarisation are there any Horizontal? Some are not working but main ones ok BBC ITV Ch4 CH5 ect.

  8. I have 2 decrypt boxes in my house. The people who supplied it to me are not responding to telephone calls. To whom do I go to with a problem?

  9. is there a tuning device for intersat receiver 907 so we can use one of these new boxes to get English tv in spain

    1. Hi “edward smith”, that’s exactly what this article is about. If you follow the instructions and get one of the receivers that I have linked to from Amazon, it is very easy to receive UK TV in Spain. All you need is the BISS codes which are available on the Internet.

  10. I have a Technomate 5402 HD M3 CI. I understand I need a patch to be able to input the BISS codes. Can you possibly help with a link for the patch as having trouble finding one. Thanks.

  11. Hi, are there any other boxes on the market that are a little better than the 2 you showed? I know those will do the job but just wanted more choice. Also must be 12v powered (motorhome)

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Yanto, there may be other boxes available , but those are the only two I know with any certainty that can handle the high data rate and the BISS codes.

    2. I am using Technomate TM Nano SE Plus. Linux based in my motorhome with Oyster 85 dish. 12v 3amp. Not easy to setup,
      as you will need to use OpenPli 4 image with Oscam.


  13. I believe Intelsat 907 will die soon as it is at the end of it’s expected life, is this true?

    1. Hi Paul, There is every reason to believe that Intelsat 907 will be replaced at the end of its life. This may affect the transmissions and strength of signal, but that is purely conjecture.

  14. Hello all

    Does anyone know how to setup an opticum ax 150 box?

    Its not an expensive box, about 30 euros from amazon dot es

    I have my dish correct just have not got the right software on it

    1. Hello
      I am having the same problem. i have two boxes one is running bbc hd perfectly but unsure on how to add the same software to the new box to get that work the same.

  15. hi, please dont cane me, i have been trying now for 4 days to get intelsat 907 , i think i have it tuned in, i get some spanish channels but i get nothing at 11.475. 44100..i have patched my technomate tm-f3/5 and when i try and manually add bbc1 on that above freq and put in the pid etc i get bad or no signal, its driving me mad. i

  16. Hi,
    Will a Technomate Nano M3 pick up the programmes from Intelsat 907?
    If so, do you know if it requires a particular image?
    Thank you.

    1. According to the specification the TM-NANO M3 allows Automatic FEC and PID detection and manual entry of PID values so I think that means you can enter the BISS codes. I don’t know what you mean by an image. Regards, knowall.

  17. I have Icecrypt S3550HDCCI, Will this be ok. tarragona catalonia.
    for Intelsat 907. and can it handle biss codes /

    1. I suggest that you contact Icecrypt, the manufacturer or the seller, and ask them. I don’t have knowledge of every satellite receiver. You might also get an answer on the forum as they have some pretty knowledgeable people on there.

  18. You say the codes change about every three months
    what should I do when this happens ?my box was configured when I bought it so do I need to contact the provider or can I change it myself?

    1. H Anthony, I’m sorry, that information is now out of date. As far as I know the BISS codes have not been changed since the end of 2014. If you find that they have been changed, they are soon available on the Internet from various sources. You can input the new codes yourself, when and if they are changed again. I will update this page appropriately, thanks.

      1. Surely this satellite will cease to operate soon. It was launched in 2003 with an expected life span of 13 years. I understand this was extended for a few years by reducing its power but it can’t go on much longer.

  19. Hi, I have an icecrypt box on intelsat 907 with an 85 oyster dish on my motorhome, I’m in sothern Spain and when watching uk tv every now and again the signal strength drops on the green info bar from 72 to 50 and so we lose the picture and have to restart the box, this happens in good weather and clear view to the satellite , have you any ideas what the problem is, I’m wondering if problem is the icecrypt box. Thanks

  20. Hi, just bought an Opticum HD AX 150 from It appears that this box is suitable for the high cimbal rate of intelsat 907 and you can input the biss codes by usb. I have the codes.
    Do you know what I would have to put on the usb to make this work?
    Any help appreciated.

    1. Does the AX 150 lose the BISS codes when power is lost? I had a working setup, but lost power, and now I see a “Scramble Channel” on the channels that worked just hours ago.

      I’m really scratching my head on this one…

      Any help would be appreciated!

  21. Hi,
    Living in Southern Spain and have inherited a SAB satellite box along with dish all set up and working. But there is a lot of jitter or stuttering/ watching channels. Some channels occasionally fine but happens enough to be annoying. One local Sat Tv chap said it was due to nearby trees in the line of signal and another as said its due to the box, and recommended an icecrypt box instead. Obviously hesitant to buy another box if it really is possible that the trees are causing problems. It seems unlikely to me as its so intermittent.

    Any advice really appreciated.

    1. Hi Simon, I have no knowledge of your location, of course, but in southern Spain, generally the Intelsat 907 satellite is about 39 degrees above the horizon, so they would need to be above that to interfere with your dish. Make yourself an angle of 40 degrees with three pieces of wood nailed or screwed together, place it level near to your dish and look along it to see if the trees are in the way. If not, it is a dish alignment, LNB skew or other problem causing the blocking.

      1. Many thanks for your help. Haven’t done this as yet, but if it’s another problem as you say, could it be that another make of box is more efficient at handling the signal, such as the Icecrypt?
        I can’t help thinking that if it was branches in the way, it would be a constant problem even when there is or isn’t wind blowing the tree branches. Also the problem intensity and frequency has been the same throughout winter with no leaves on the trees as it was in spring and summer with leaves!
        I was told that the SAB box was known to be poor. I was kind of hoping this would be the case as its easier to swap a box than get the whole dish moved as it would need doing.
        I will check that angle though.
        Thanks again

  22. Intelsat 907
    Have just bought a Blade 7000s to take to a new house in the Algarve.
    I am trying to test/set it up in the UK before relocating it.
    I have put a new 80cm dish up with a new Opticum LNB set it on Freesat and the signal is end stopping on my WS-6906 Sat meter 100% signal 80% quality.
    Moved the dish to 212 deg mag and set the elevation to 24 deg (as per Satfinder)and the meter to 11495 and 44100 sym. and V pol.
    The pole is vertical within a degree.
    Can’t find a sniff of signal have moved the azimuth + – 20 deg and the elevation + – 10 deg.
    Getting desperate I guess it should be a strong signal in the UK

  23. Good info here thanks.
    I had BBC HD etc all working up until a couple of months ago when high winds and branches plus a cable problem occured. Cant get it back now. We’re looking for 27.5W intelsat 907 very near hispasat and with the correct polarity as above. . 80 cm dish aimed at 40 degrees above horizon and universal LNB between 7-8 o clock.but no luck. Does someone on this forum know if this service is still working please? Does anyone know of an installer in the Granada, Malaga area who might be able to help me ? Many thanks Steve

  24. Hi can you help, have purchased the sat box you recommended, set up my 1.4 dish, pointed towards 27.5°. Can receive some of the frequencies from intelsat907 but cannot pick up 11495 v frequency, what am I doing wrong, have phantom patched the TM box with the BISS codes and have tried everything. Please help am a pensioner not familiar with this technology living in Cantoria Spain

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